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Social Media Optimization

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Social Media Optimization (SMO) puts your company in an optimum position to tap into the rich interactions that naturally occur in social media platforms—discussions about your brand and conversations between you and your customers.

When you work with our SMO team, you’ll get a clear picture of what people are saying about your company, where they are saying it, where you should get involved, and how to leverage social media to increase brand reputation and awareness

Some of the social media techniques we use are:

  • 1. Social Bookmarking
  • 2. Social Profile Listing
  • 3. Social Event Marketing
  • 4. Social Shopping Feeds
  • 5. Blogging
  • 6. Photo Sharing
  • 7. Video Sharing
  • 8. Online Product Reviews
  • 9. RSS Feed Promotion
  • 10. Audio and Music Sharing
  • 11. Question and Answers