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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

WebyDoodle puts its best efforts to deliver its products and services just on the promised date and time. We have been very consistent in delivering within the pre-determined delivery schedules. But delays due to some unavoidable conditions can never be overlooked. For all shipping and delivery complications or issues, WebyDoodle follows the policy as mentioned below:

Shipping & Delivery Policy

For buyers from global destinations, we ship and deliver goods through registered international courier services and via international speed post services only. However, we shipped orders via registered domestic courier companies and speed post only for the domestic buyers. We ship the products within 21 business days or according to the delivery date as agreed right at the time of confirming the order. As far as the delivery of the products, it is taken care by the Courier Services/norms of the post office.

WebyDoodle should not be liable for any delays in the delivery by the delivering agencies. Delivery of all respective orders is likely to be made at the registered postal address of the buyers according to their debit/credit card. WebyDoodle should also be not held responsible for the harm or damage of the ordered goods while it is en route to the buyer’s place. We are proud to use the best and the safest Payment Gateways for easy, fast, and secure payments. We accept payment via all major debit/credit cards too.

Delivery of WebyDoodle services or products will be confirmed on buyer’s mail ID as specified during the registration process. For any issues in utilizing our services, you may contact our helpdesk number for your relevant countries given in the ‘Contact Us’ section of our official website.